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NaNoWriMO – How to win at National Novel Writing Month (just for fun)

I’ve never attempted NaNo, and I doubt if I ever will because I edit as a write. A thousand words a day is about all I can manage on a good day. I do admire those who do, so here’s a … Continue reading

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And you thought math couldn’t be funny?

I thought this was hilarious:

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How to Memorize the Presidents in Order, X-Men Style

It’s very difficult, at least for me, to memorize the Presidents of the United States in order. I can remember many obscure facts about them, no problem. Calvin Coolidge had a donkey named Ebenezer. Bill Clinton loves crossword puzzles. That’s … Continue reading

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Volunteering too much? Is this you?

I just had to post this because it struck me as the funniest thing I’ve read recently. For all of you who routinely volunteer to chaperone field trips to garbage recycling centers (dumps), bake cupcakes for two hundred, read first … Continue reading

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