World Building and Food in Science Fiction: EASY Star Trek Desserts

No matter what worlds we explore in science fiction, if there are humans involved, food will be important. While different cultures’ diets and food availability affect people’s views of what is a special occasion food, I’m sticking with sweets for these Star Trek desserts. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that even on present-day Earth, there is an immense variety of what are labeled desserts, so when you are writing science fiction, you can move way beyond your own cultural standards.

My previous post, linked at the bottom of this one,  was a menu and recipes for a Star Trek-themed dinner, but the post was so long,  I decided to put the desserts in a separate post.

The desserts are based on two desserts show in the “Liaisons” episode from THE NEXT GENERATION.

Tarvokian Powder Cake:

and Ktarian Chocolate Puff

I decided it would be fun to make individual servings of desserts that looked somewhat like these, all the better to eat while watching STAR TREK. My main criterium is that they would be very, very easy to make, or better yet, buy and put together. What I came up with actually involves no cooking.

First, and easiest of the two is a copycat Tarvokian Powder Cake.

The whitest cake I could think of is angel food cake, which also cuts very easily. I bought your standard cake and then trimmed off the outer layer.


I could have frosted it, but angel food cake is good unfrosted. Another possibility would be to dust it with confectioners sugar, but that would add to the sweetness. Not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of. I cut it into a wedge shape, but you could get creative

The Ktarian Chocolate Puff took a little more work. They supposedly had seventeen different kinds of chocolate in them, but we can still get something that tastes good with less variety of chocolate. Here are the ingredients:

Chocolate brownies from the grocery store bakery. If your grocery store doesn’t sell these, Entenmann’s Little Bites chocolate muffins might work, though they’d be small.

Chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies. You want something dome-shaped.

Chocolate sauce that forms a hard shell when refrigerated.

A chocolate bar or small chocolates that can be cut into triangles. I used a Lindt chocolate bar which was a bit difficult to cut because it was too thick. I’m thinking Andes Mints would work better.

Parchment paper or waxed paper to make them on.

Step 1: Line a plate or a tray with parchment paper. Stack the marshmallow cookie on top of the brownie. The marshmallow cookie in the photo doesn’t look very appetizing because the cookie package got too hot and the cookies sort of merged together. It won’t matter because the chocolate sauce will cover it.

Step 2: Cut the chocolate bar into triangles and place around the brownie, overlapping them.


Step 3: Cover it all with chocolate shell sauce. It’s going to look messy. That’s why you need the parchment paper/waxed paper.

Step 4: Put in freezer until chocolate shell sauce has hardened, then using a sharp knife, trim out excess around the base. Place on a serving tray or storage container. Refrigerate until time to serve. These need to be served cold, because the chocolate shell coating with soften too much at room temperature.


If you want a complete dinner menu, check out this post:



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