Author Skype Visits for Scholastic Book Fairs

I know my cat doesn’t look happy to be dressed up as a wolf in this photo, but I am very happy WOLF STORM is a Scholastic Book Club choice this fall. To celebrate, I’m offering free author Skype visits of 20 to 30 minutes to any school having a book fair. I tailor my Skype visits to a school’s or teacher’s particular interest. I can talk about the writing process, writing adventure books in particular, or do an introduction to the books and spend much of the time answering students’ question on whatever topics they choose. More information about WOLF STORM and my other middle grade book, WILDFIRE RUN, can be found by going to my website at  You can view the book trailers and read the first chapters. Feel free to contact me at deegarretson at

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One Response to Author Skype Visits for Scholastic Book Fairs

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    living in poverty and recovering from a failed marriage.
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