Top Ten Reasons you should give Books as Holiday Gifts

1. They don’t make noise. No explosion sounds, no horn sounds, no baby crying sounds.

2. They don’t have to be assembled in secret at midnight when you can’t find the right size screwdriver.

3. They don’t take up as much room as nearly life-size dollhouses or train tracks that encompass your living room.

4. They are easy to wrap. If you have ever tried to wrap a light saber umbrella, you will be glad to wrap something nice and rectangular.

5.  They don’t require batteries.

6. They take longer than five minutes to play with.

7. The dog probably won’t chew them up, unlike doll hands and feet.

8. You don’t have to purchase expensive accessories for them, since they don’t require cunning $25 berets to complete the cover.

9.  If they are left on the floor and you step on them in the dark, it won’t hurt nearly as much as stepping on a Lego, and it won’t be as dangerous as stepping on a toy car.

10. It’s fun for the giftgiver to shop at bookstores. You can buy yourself a book as a treat.

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3 Responses to Top Ten Reasons you should give Books as Holiday Gifts

  1. Judy Nill says:

    Excellent points, Dee. I hate shopping–except for books! Guess what all the people on my list get for holidays and special occasions?

  2. Yahong says:

    Ahaha, I love all these points, Dee!

  3. Jean Murphy says:

    Thanks for the exhaustive list! You’ve offered a persuasive argument as to why anyone should buy books for children. And, I might add additional reasons: 11) extends their imagination and curiosity; 12) builds their vocabulary; 3) gives them something to talk about; 4) makes them a more interesting person; 5) helps them to learn about other people and the world in general

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