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Top Ten Reasons you should give Books as Holiday Gifts

1. They don’t make noise. No explosion sounds, no horn sounds, no baby crying sounds. 2. They don’t have to be assembled in secret at midnight when you can’t find the right size screwdriver. 3. They don’t take up as … Continue reading

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Writers, are you tired of the Snark Monster?

Over the last few months I’ve been shaken by the amount of snark a few writers are throwing out about other writers. Most writers are wonderfully supportive of each other, but the few that aren’t adds a sour note that … Continue reading

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And you thought math couldn’t be funny?

I thought this was hilarious:

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Making a Book Trailer – A Brief How-to with the Costs for a Movie Trailer-Look

There still seems to be much debate about the value of book trailers. I, for one, love them and think they are very useful for children’s literature. I know some teachers and school librarians use them to encourage children to … Continue reading

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