Bookstore Travels – Ebenezer Books – Johnson, Vermont


I can’t resist bookstores, so I’ve decided to photograph and post pictures of all the ones I visit in my travels.  First up is Ebenezer Books, a beautiful, independent store in Johnson, Vermont. They don’t have a website, and I found out about it by asking someone in a store about nearby bookstores.  The person I asked raved about this store. It’s located in an old bank building, so the vault is still there:

I doubt there are many places where a stuffed llama lives next to a bank vault.

Here’s part of the children’s section:

There was a great variety of books in a small space. I was particularly impressed by the selection of picture books.

Ebenzer Books, 2 Lower Main W, Johnson, Vermont

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5 Responses to Bookstore Travels – Ebenezer Books – Johnson, Vermont

  1. batyler says:

    What a great idea! I love bookstores that are more like libraries than commercial institutions. I can’t wait to see more of the ones you visit. This one brings back fond memories of some local haunts that have fallen to retail giants over the years.

    • deegarretson says:

      I know independent bookstores are struggling to adapt to the rise in ebooks, but I also know they will adapt and survive. Not everyone wants to stay home and shop by computer! I’m planning a trips through Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania this summer, so I hope to be able to stop at several more stores.

  2. Daniel W. Hood says:

    Dear propiertor,

    I currently have two mystery, romance novels available that you might be interested in. The first is called PARASITE which takes place in and around Burlington, Vt. Because of the continuing interest in the legendary Champ, I thought it would be a good idea to contact you to see if you’d like to place a few copies in your store. I would be more than glad to mail them to you.
    Here’s a brief synopsis:

    PARASITE is set against a real life backdrop–in Burlington, Vt., where the majority of residents actually believe there’s a mysterious creature similar to the Loch Ness monster prowling the depths of Lake Champlain. This very real legend began nearly 200 years ago, and today the residents have named the “creature” Champ.

    Hundreds of thousand Champ posters, flyers and other paraphernalia have been sold over the years and have helped to boost the state’s economy. But the legend does not stop there. Towns in New York bordering the lake have adopted Champ as their mascot.

    In PARASITE, this legend takes on new urgency when the brother of Steve Sharkey, a Burlington, Vermont park ranger, is reported missing after patrolling the lake in a blinding rainstorm; one of numerous people who have disappeared in almost the same location. The other missing people include an Associated Press reporter and a number of local residents. In an effort to find his brother, Steve stumbles on a frightening and clandestine plot hatched by two crazed sociopaths. Now he’s faced with two monumental tasks; trying to figure out what happened to his brother, and why the usually abundant fish population is decreasing in size.


    The other book is called ACRE BEYOND THE RYE. It’s a thrilling, suspense-filled mystery that takes place in Radford, Va. If you need more information, please go to where you’ll find me listed under Daniel W. Hood, author of the LOBRIGOLIN TRILOGY (for children). I would also be glad to send you copies of these books.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail and have a nice, cool weekend.


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