Independence Day

We love holidays in our family, and the evidence of this can be found in an overflowing closet devoted to holiday decorations. The closet is so full that Easter had to relocate into the linen closet, where assorted decorative bunnies now live amongst the sheets and towels, and they apparently lay eggs as well, because plastic eggs fall out every time I grab a pillowcase. I have recently become aware we have very limited Independence Day decorations, and I don’t know how I slipped up. 

This year it didn’t matter much because we were traveling, and lucky enough to be invited to a terrific old-fashioned 4th of July party. The only criterion for attendance was that each family had to prepare a patriotic skit, poem or song to perform in front of the crowd. We didn’t have much notice about this part of the party (1/2 hour), so our options were limited.

My son came up with a skit that involved Benjamin Franklin fainiting after he signed the Declaration of Independence, and then being carried off stage, but we didn’t have enough time to work out details like plot, character arc and theme, so we resorted instead to a quiz of presidential trivia. Example-Which president had a dog named Fala? (FDR) The winner received a lovely handmade masking tape wallet carefully crafted by my daughter in the space of 15 minutes.

After the performances, fireworks went off between rain showers. It was fantastic, and next year we will be ready with a skit that will bring down the house!

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